Climbing the Ladder of Reading Proficiency: The first two years of Atlanta’s Dunbar Learning Complex

Early Warning: Why Reading by the End of Third Grade Matters


Research on Early Learning, Brain Development and Reading Proficiency

Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

Early Childhood and Neuroscience – Children’s Institute

Educare Implementation Study – Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute

The Carolina Abecedarian Project – Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute

HighScope Perry Preschool Study

Stanford Social Innovation Review article on collective impact

Economic, neurobiological, and behavioral perspectives on building America’s future workforce



Educare: Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything

Educare: Catalyst for Change

Atlanta Public Schools: Dunbar’s Partnership With Sheltering Arms

The return on investment in high-quality preschool: Larry Schweinhart at TEDx Miami University


Partnership Map

The chart below illustrates the many partner organizations that work together to help the Dunbar Learning Complex achieve its goals for child and parent success.

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Complex Floor Plan 

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