The design of the Dunbar Learning Complex was based off of the unique Reggio Emilia approach. Featuring natural light throughout as well as an atrium to connect the two schools (similar to an Italian piazza) the Dunbar Learning Complex focuses on the work of the child, which is the heart of the Reggio approach. Children’s artwork is all over the building, and there is a deep focus on relationships between the family and the staff.  Learn More>>


Parents As Teachers serves 40 children in families at the ELLRC. The program targets younger parents who lack the life skills and parenting skills that are needed to ensure successful child development and learning. PAT at the ELLRC is a unique center-based home visiting program that includes monthly one-on-one sessions with children and their parents either in the ELLRC’s “living room” or in the family’s home. The six family support specialists are all trained as Parent Educators in order to execute the PAT methodology.   Learn More>>


The 4Rs Program (Reading, Writing, Respect & Resolution) integrates social and emotional learning and language arts for Pre-K through 3rd grade students at the Dunbar Learning Complex. This program helps students learn to understand and handle their feelings, problem solve, and cooperate. Every Monday a teacher performs a 4Rs lesson that moves through the seven curriculums, each building on one another. Once a month the 4Rs staff developer flies down from the Morningside Center in NYC to model, coach, and lead professional development workshops for the teachers. There is also a five part parent workshop series that is being facilitated at the Complex to reinforce these life skills with the parents.  Learn More>>


All teachers at the Dunbar Learning Complex receive professional development in order to hone their skills and improve effectiveness. Sheltering Arms’s Georgia Training Institute provides at least 20 hours of professional development for each teacher, infant through preK.  Learn More>>