Parent Engagement

When parents and teachers work together to nurture learning, children perform better in school, remain in school longer, graduate from high school and enroll in college.

When parents are engaged in planning and advocating for their children, their kids are more likely to succeed long-term. The Dunbar Learning Complex offers various activities to help parents enhance their knowledge of child development.

Educare Atlanta has an active Parent Leadership Organization. When children transition upstairs to Dunbar Elementary, their parents can join the school’s Parent Teacher Association or get involved in the local school council. Dunbar’s principal holds monthly “Chat and Chews” to interact with parents, and the full-time parent liaison serves as a contact for further support.

The Dedicated Dads of the Dunbar Learning Complex is an umbrella group for fathers that consists of a chapter of All Pro Dad at Educare and a chapter of WATCH D.O.G.S. at Dunbar Elementary. The group meets monthly and aims to bring fathers together to obtain the best results for their children.

Parents also can participate in unique and high-quality training sessions provided on-site by partner organizations. The 4Rs Program has a popular five-part workshop series that allows parents to practice the same life skills the children are learning in the classroom. United Way of Greater Atlanta has offered parents at the complex its Parent Leadership Institute, a series of six workshops designed to build their skills and ability to take greater leadership roles in the systems serving their children.

Family Empowerment Plan 

When children enroll at Educare Atlanta, their parents are assigned a family support specialist to help them on a personal basis. Together, the parents and specialist develop an individualized family empowerment plan that helps parents identify goals for themselves and their families and map out a pathway for achieving those goals.

Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers serves 40 Educare children and their families. The program targets younger parents who often lack the life and parenting skills needed for successful child development and learning. Parents as Teachers at Educare Atlanta is a unique, school-based home-visiting program that includes monthly one-on-one sessions with children and their parents either in the school’s living room — an informal area with couches and activity space for children — or in the family’s home. All family support specialists receive training to be parent educators in keeping with the Parents as Teachers model.

Consumer Advocacy Group

The Consumer Advocacy Group is a resident-led community group that includes many parent leaders at the Dunbar Learning Complex. These parents and other community leaders are taking an active role in challenging the current level of quality provided by the school system and advocating for improvements. Members compare the state standards to what they are receiving and work with the school to improve conditions.

The Center for Working Families, Inc. 

Educare Atlanta and The Center for Working Families, Inc. share a unique and important collaborative partnership to foster family success. Together, they embody the two-generation approach at the Dunbar Learning Complex. The Center for Working Families is a nonprofit that provides the residents of Neighborhood Planning Unit V — which includes the Dunbar community — with assistance in moving to work, wealth and entrepreneurship. Parents enrolled at the center can access child-care subsidies through the Georgia Department of Human Services to support their child’s enrollment at Educare Atlanta.

I was a first-time Dad….My parent educator told me things that I could do at home with my daughter that were not expensive and shared lots of literature about what she was supposed to be doing. Before meeting him, I didn’t know how to help her do it.”
– Stacey Mims, Dunbar Learning Complex parent and family support specialist